Psychic Medium
Alicia Taschner

About Me

I was born in Midland, MI, moved to a few other states and spent most of my childhood in Seabrook, TX.  I moved to Pennsylvania in 1987 and married my husband in 1990.
We have three children, Leah, Alex and Jake.

I am very fortunate to have both of my parents and a wonderful step-mother.  I also have a younger
brother, Rod and his wife Cristen and two nephews.  I also have two wonderful step-brothers, David and Christian and their wives, Sandra and Jennifer.

As long as I can remember, I have seen Spirits.  This has been a very natural experience for me in my life.  As a child it was very scary and no one could understand, this made me shut down as much as I could.  The Spirits never left, I just ignored them for many years.  They made it very known to me at the age of 35 that this was my mission in life.  

I started my business at my kitchen table with my good friend, Katie.  Her Grandfather came through and walked me through my first Reading.  I am forever grateful for that life changing experience.  I then printed some business cards and voila, almost seven years later and many emotional Readings, I am loving my path.  

What once felt like a curse as a child, I now see as a Blessing from God.  I feel that I am here to do my little part to let you know that your Loved Ones have never truly left you and to assure you that they are okay.  They want you to have closure and to begin the healing process.

Remember, Love is Never Lost, It Goes On....

Please know that I will do everything that I can to schedule you in the shortest amount of time possible. Please understand that there will be a wait for a Reading.

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