Psychic Medium
Alicia Taschner

Services That I Offer

Private Medium Group Gallery

With a Private Group Gallery, Alicia will come to your home or you may hold the Group at Alicia's office in Douglassville PA at a reduced price.  You will be able to invite your family, friends, co-workers or anyone that would enjoy spending the evening with their loved ones in Heaven.

We will contact Spirit for two hours.  You will all experience each others Readings.

If you are interested, pricing for a Group Gallery relies on mileage.  Please contact us @ 610-385-8894 with the exact address for your Group and we will get back to you with the price.

Private Reading

For a Private Reading, you will come to Alicia in Douglassville, PA for your Reading.  We will contact your loved ones in a Private Setting.  A Reading is 45 minutes in length and the price is $185.  For that price you may bring one person to share your Reading.

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